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The Vyro Penta hookahs are absolute high-end products and are characterized by their elegant design and excellent workmanship, as one is used to from the Aeon products.

This 39cm high plug-in pipe guarantees an optimal and easy draft and an unbelievable smoking experience

Thanks to the small elevation on the outer edge of the ground coal plate, the coal cannot fall down on the coal plate. The increase in the middle prevents the carbon from reaching the head gasket. The purge is hidden under the charcoal plate in this raised area and ensures quick venting.

In addition, the hookah has the usual, very practical features such as the adjustable diffuser and the cut adapter on the hose and head. The removable diffuser can be screwed on both sides and regulates the noise level. In addition, e.g. a molasses catcher with 18/8 cut can be attached.
Since the Vyro Penta can be dismantled into all its individual parts, it is incredibly easy to clean and maintain.

Size: 39cm
Optimal water level: approx. 500ml
Plug-bowl inner diameter: 45 mm

V2A stainless steel
Epoxy resin

Scope of delivery:

1x head adapter made of V2A stainless steel
1x black rubber head gasket
1x carbon plate made of V2A stainless steel with VYRO logo engraving
1x ground joint adapter (18/8 to M16x1) made of V2A stainless steel
1x Purge made of V2A stainless steel with 18/8 cut at the top
1x sleeve consisting of carbon, epoxy resin and wood (exchangeable)
1x stainless steel pipe made of V2A for smoke column
1x base (with VYRO logo engraving) with a hose connection made of stainless steel V2A
1x hose end piece made of stainless steel V2A
7x stainless steel balls and 7x POM balls
1x rubber seal for bowl
1x immersion tube made of V2A stainless steel
1x diffuser made of V2A stainless steel, screwable on both sides
1x plug-in bowl (inner diameter 45 mm)
1x high quality packaging
1x insert with assembly instructions

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

Clear, Frozen


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