ALADIN EPOX 360 Hookah


Size: 36 cm without head
Model name: Aladin – EPOX 360 Pro

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ALADIN EPOX 360 Hookah – Frozen Copper

The Aladin EPOX 360 offers you a completely new, special smoking experience at the highest level. In addition to the beautiful epoxy resin sleeves and the solid glass, all parts are made of high-quality stainless steel.

Thanks to the 3 stainless steel rings and the epoxy resin sleeve, the Hookah offers 9 (!) Different, wonderful blow-off options and can hardly be surpassed in terms of individual design.

These are the 9 blow-off options:
Up on the plate Version 1
Up on the plate Version 2
Between the plates
Aside under the plate
Down under the plate 1
Down under the plate 2
Over the base to the side
Down over the base
From the base upwards (without sleeve)

Click here to get to the structure and the digital instruction Manual

As always, the hookah comes in a complete set with these accessories and these functions:

Hose set
Bowl set
Ground adapter (18/8) on the hose
Closed Chamber System
Adjustable diffuser for individually adjustable draft
9 blow offs
The very handy size of 36 cm enables uncomplicated transport and storage of the pipe.
The glass is very solid and ensures that the shisha is very stable. Thanks to the plug-in bowl adapter, which will soon be available for purchase, the shisha can be used with all plug-in bowls.

General note:

Air bubbles are common and can occur in any bowl. However, it will not affect the functionality of the hookah and will still taste great!

Every glass and every epoxy smoke column is unique and has an individual color and structure.

It may vary from what you see on our website because of individual color gradients.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

Frozen Copper, Purple Dream, Ruby Red, Turquoise Gold, Blue Glow


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